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Polarizing a generator


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by Robert

The first time I started up my "68" Square the green generator light stayed lit. We put the meter on it & it read 3.5 volts. I had heard before that when a car sits long enough the generator looses it's magnetic poles so I did a little research & found some instructions on how to "polarize" it.

Now before I begin keep in mind that in no way do I consider myself an expert. In fact I had no idea what I was doing, I just did it anyway & it worked so I thought that I would share the information.

The first step was to remove the belt........


I didn't remove it all the way since it is a pain on a T3 but I made sure that it wouldn't interfere with the pulley turning.

Next I connected a jumper wire form the "DF" terminal to a chassis ground.......


The "DF" is the one on the lower left. I ran it across the top of the generator to the stud for the strap mount.



Then I connected a six foot jumper wire to the "D+" terminal....... (the top one)


Now all you have to do is touch the six foot wire to the positive post on your battery ....


The instructions said not to do it for more than two seconds so you don't over heat your generator. So two seconds it was. Then I did it a couple of more times because I thought it was cool.  :D

After that it's time to hook the wires back up. Be sure to clean them well first.


When the meter went back on it read 13.5 volts so I guess it works..!!